TikTok will challenge the Trump administration’s decree

TikTok has appealed to the US Court of Appeal to prevent the entry into force of the decree of the administration of US President Donald Trump to ban the use of the application in the country, follows from the company’s statement.

The US administration accuses TikTok of the application being able to transfer data from Americans to the Chinese authorities. Its owner, ByteDance, denies this. Trump, meanwhile, signed a TikTok Threat Fighting Executive Order in August that gave him about a month to halt any deals with ByteDance in US jurisdictions.

At the end of October, the Wall Street Journal reported that a court in the US state of Pennsylvania had ruled to temporarily block the US Department of Commerce’s decision to ban the use of the TikTok app from November 12. Earlier, the US Department of Commerce announced that from November 12, it will ban TikTok from working in the country if the company does not eliminate the problem related to the threat to national security by that time.

The company said in a statement that it has been actively cooperating with the Committee on Foreign Investment of the United States (CFIUS) for a year and will continue to address concerns about threats to national security, although “I disagree with this assessment.”

In a statement, ByteDance’s parent company was ordered by U.S. authorities to divest all U.S. assets associated with TikTok. However, the company did not receive a “significant response” to its proposals to “address concerns.”

“Because of the constant new requests and the lack of clarity about whether our proposed solutions will be accepted, we have requested a 30-day grace period, which is expressly permitted in the decree of August 14. Today, with the deadline approaching, November 12, and without receiving an extension, we have no choice but to file a petition in court to protect our rights and more than 1,500 employees in the United States, ” TikTok said in a statement.

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