TikTok is testing long three-minute videos

The media and social media researchers have become aware of TikTok’s plans to test the long video upload feature. They suggest that the limit will now be the three-minute mark.

TikTok is already rolling out the ability to record videos up to three minutes long, according to social media consultant Matt Navarra. Navarra posted a screenshot of the update on Twitter and noted that the feature is still in the early stages of access. The Verge contacted TikTok for more information, but the social network did not have time to comment.

So far, TikTok allows all users to upload videos up to a minute long. The researchers noted that it is this limitation that makes the social network attractive. According to them, users are not required to stay on one video for more than a minute and can easily flip through the video if they are tired.

Navarra added that the three-minute videos on TikTok remind him of a miniature copy of YouTube when the platform allowed content to be posted in less than 10 minutes. In his opinion, this could lead to the fact that other genres of the video appear on TikTok – trailers, educational materials, and other content that is more often found on YouTube.

Earlier, TikTok, as part of a court hearing to ban the application for use in the United States, disclosed the size of its audience worldwide, according to CNBC. In 2018, the app had 55 million users. In 2 years, their number has grown to 700 million, and the application has been downloaded more than 2 billion times worldwide.

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