Tikhanovskaya asked the US to adopt new sanctions on Minsk

Former candidate for the post of President of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya appealed to the US authorities to support the bill as soon as possible, which expands the powers of the American leader to impose sanctions against Belarus.

“We need more help from the US, even in this difficult transition period. I call on the US Congress to adopt promptly the bill “Belarus Democracy, Human Rights, and Sovereignty Act,” Tikhanovskaya said in an article published in the Washington Post.

Also, she expressed gratitude to the EU and the US for “active moral and technical support” and “the efforts of the current US administration, which recently expanded sanctions against Belarusian officials.”

In addition, Tikhanovskaya plans to visit Washington.

“I hope that during the inaugural week, I will go to Washington to personally thank the current administration (USA) for its work in helping the people of Belarus. At the same time, I hope to establish strong relations with the new administration to facilitate the transition to democracy in Belarus,” the opposition leader added.

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