Three virologists in Wuhan seriously ill before the COVID-19 pandemic

Three Chinese scientists from the Institute of Virology in Wuhan were seriously ill shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic, writes the Wall Street Journal, citing US intelligence.

The first outbreak of COVID-19 was recorded in this city in December 2019. As the publication notes, these scientists went to the hospital because of a serious illness in November of that year. At the same time, they had similar symptoms, and they were “members of the same team dealing with coronaviruses.”

The authors of the article argue that the intelligence information can “add weight to the growing calls for a more complete investigation as could the virus (causing) COVID-19 have escaped from the lab.”

In response to a request from the WSJ, the Chinese Foreign Ministry accused Washington of trying to promote the theory of a coronavirus leak from the laboratory. The Foreign Ministry questioned whether the United States is really concerned about the source of the COVID-19 pathogen or “trying to distract attention.”

In May, Republicans on the U.S. House Intelligence Committee said there was “circumstantial evidence” that the COVID-19 outbreak could have originated from a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Party members pointed to the appearance of symptoms characteristic of coronavirus infection in some of the researchers at the scientific institution in the fall of 2019, and also claimed the involvement of the Chinese military in the laboratory.

WHO in March published the full report of the organization’s international team of experts on a visit to the city of Wuhan to identify the origin of COVID-19. The document called the leak of the coronavirus from the laboratory “extremely unlikely.” It is claimed that the new type of coronavirus is most likely transmitted to humans from bats through another animal. The United States and 13 other States issued a joint statement expressing concern about the findings of the WHO report. The countries called for a “transparent and independent” investigation into the origin of COVID-19.

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