Three employees of the US diplomatic mission in Geneva were diagnosed with coronavirus

Those who are ill are in self-isolation, as are people who have had close contact with them.

Three employees of the US diplomatic mission in Geneva have contracted the coronavirus, but their condition is assessed as “good,” a mission official said on Thursday, without giving any details.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday said that the new coronavirus was diagnosed in several State Department employees working in different countries of the world, but did not specify which countries are in question and whether the sick returned to the US.

A spokesman for the US diplomatic mission in Geneva said: “We can confirm that there are currently three confirmed cases of COVID-19 virus infection in the US mission in Geneva.”

“People who have been confirmed to have the virus are in good condition and placed in self-isolation, as are those who have had close contact with them. For privacy reasons, we cannot provide any additional information,” the source said, noting that the mission has been sanitized to prevent new cases of infection.

It is estimated that the mission employs more than 200 diplomats and local staff, many of whom now work from home.

The European headquarters of the United Nations is located in Geneva. Cases of infection have also been reported in various organizations, including the world health organization and the world trade organization, as well as in international schools in and around Geneva.

Author: Flyn Braun
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