Three Cubans spent 33 days on a desert island

The US Coast Guard has rescued three Cubans from an uninhabited Bahamas island after spending 33 days eating nothing but coconuts.

On the tiny island of Anguilla Cay, located between the Florida Keys (a chain of coral islands in the southeastern United States) and Cuba, two men and a woman were seen frantically waving a makeshift flag.

As told in an interview with the BBC, Lieutenant of the Coast Guard Service Riley Beecher, he was carrying out a patrol from the air when he noticed something strange. As he descended, Beecher saw three people on the island, clearly in need of help.

The crew could not immediately evacuate the victims of the disaster, but they were left with water, food, and a walkie-talkie.

“Unfortunately, there was no one among us who was fluent in Spanish, but I somehow explained to them and realized that they were from Cuba and needed medical help. They emphasized that they have been on the island for 33 days,” Lieutenant Beecher explained.

The survivors said they got to the island after their boat sank and lasted there almost on coconuts.

“At first glance, there is nothing on this island at all,” said another helicopter crew member, Lieutenant Justin Dougherty. — But if you look closely, there are bushes and even trees, so they still had some shelter.”

Later, the American media reported that the Cubans varied their diet with rats and the traditional Bahamian delicacy – conk shellfish.

The three Robinsons were eventually taken off the island by helicopter. Although they did not complain about anything, they were sent to a medical center in Florida for examination, after which they were handed over to immigration and customs enforcement officers.

According to the pilots who found and rescued the Cubans, they had never encountered such situations before.

Author: Julia Harris
Graduated from Stanford University. Previously, he worked in various free news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the economy section in the Free News editors.
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