Three crewmembers of the American aircraft carrier were diagnosed with coronavirus

The US Navy’s Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier has identified new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19), but the ship remains in service and is headed to a base in Guam, Acting US Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly said.

“We found several more cases on board the ship. We are currently conducting 100% testing of the crew to make sure that we can contain the spread (of the disease) that may occur. I would like to note that the ship remains in service and is ready to fulfill its mission, if necessary. The ship is going to Guam, it will be moored at the pier, but no one will be allowed to go ashore,” Modly said at a press conference.

He noted that the sick sailors have already been evacuated from the ship and their condition is satisfactory – they do not experience severe symptoms and none of them is hospitalized. They are under quarantine.

On Tuesday, Modly reported that tests of three military personnel aboard the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt had tested positive for coronavirus.
According to Modly, 133 cases of coronavirus were registered in the US Navy as of Friday, including 104 military personnel.

Author: Flyn Braun
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