This is what Spider-Man Miles Morales looks like on PlayStation 5 with ray tracing

PlayStation 5 will receive an exclusive continuation of the history of Marvel’s Spider-Man, in which gamers will be told about the heroes of Miles Morales. Publishing Entertainment Weekly released material in which the developers told a few details about the game, showing how the game looks on the PlayStation 5.

Continuation of the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will unfold a year after the end of the story of Peter Parker. Miles Morales will wear the Spider-Man costume. The guy will have to defend his native Harlem (New York area), which has become a battlefield for an energy company and bandits armed with advanced technologies.

The game itself will not be a full-fledged sequel, but a big addition in the style of Uncharted: Lost Legacy. In Marvel’s Spider-Man, the writers set the starting point for Miles’s story, and the PlayStation 5 game will complete it.

“This is the complete story of Miles Morales that began in Marvel’s Spider-Man. We are really completing the formation of this hero in our game. This is a complete story”.

The material also showed a screenshot of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales straight from the PlayStation 5. As explained by the community director of Insomniac Games James Stevenson, the reflections in the picture are ray tracing (original).