Thirteen Nobel Prize winners in economics supported Biden

Thirteen Nobel Prize winners in economics supported Joe Biden in the presidential election, the press service of the Democratic candidate said.

In an open letter, scientists said they support Biden’s economic principles and policies and believe that his economic plan will benefit America. Also, they kept “science-based solutions” in the fight against coronavirus, which Biden stands for.

“Each of us has different views on the details of various aspects of economic policy, but we believe that Biden’s overall economic agenda will improve health care, the investment climate, stability, strength, employment, and the principles of economic integrity and that this agenda is far superior to Donald Trump’s counterproductive economic policies,” the scientists said in a statement.
“Simply put, as a result of Biden’s policy, economic growth will become faster, more active and distributed (among different segments of the population),” the scientists said.

The letter was signed by Nobel laureates George Akerlof, Peter Diamond, Oliver Hart, Eric Maskin, Daniel McFadden, Roger Myerson, William Nordhaus, Edmund Phelps, Paul Romer, Robert Solow, Michael Spence, Richard Thaler, and Joseph Stiglitz.