Theresa May wants another “Brexit” delay

After the British Parliament at a meeting on Monday, April 1, rejected all four alternative versions of “Brexit”, put to the vote by the speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, the British Prime Minister Theresa May decided to appeal to the European Union to provide another delay for the United Kingdom to withdraw from the EU.

May announced this intention in London on Tuesday, April 2, after a meeting of the Cabinet on the issue of “Brexit”, which lasted several hours. At the same time, the head of the British government noted that the new delay should be as short as possible.

The delay should be as short as possible

“We will need a further delay to apply article 50, which should be as short as possible and end when we are able to reach a deal. And we need to understand clearly why we need such a delay, namely: to leave guarantee the EU, in a timely and appropriate manner”, – said May during a press conference following the meeting on Downing Street.

In addition, May said that he was going to hold talks with Labour leader Jeremy Corbin in order to find a compromise for the passage of the Treaty on “Brexit” through Parliament.

May is ready to negotiate with the leader of the opposition

“I suggest the leader of the opposition to hold a joint meeting and try to agree on a plan that we will both adhere to, to be sure that we leave the European Union and do it with the Treaty,” May said.

As of April 2, “Brexit” is scheduled to take place on April 12, 2019. If London and Brussels fail to agree on the rules governing relations between Britain and the EU after the divorce, the same rules will apply to the United Kingdom as to other EU partners from third countries.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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