Theresa May thanked the army for “ protection from the Russian invasion”

British Prime Minister Theresa May, addressing with Christmas message to the British military, thanked them for “protection from the Russian invasion.” In a message released on Sunday December 23, May noted that in 2018 British soldiers “continued to prove why they are the best in the world.”

She mentioned “the most important role of [the army] in eliminating the consequences of a heinous attack using nerve agents on the streets of Salisbury, protecting the waters and skies from Russian invasion, strengthening allies in Eastern Europe, the fight against terrorism in the global coalition against the “Islamic state”

In addition, may noted that the British military, along with American and French allies made it clear to the Assad regime that they “will not sit idly by when chemical weapons are used against families, including children, as happened in April.”

“You have again and again opposed aggression and those who flout the rules on which the international order is built,” the Prime Minister said, addressing the British military.

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