Theresa May called the date of the new vote on “Brexit” in Parliament

British Prime Minister Theresa May said that the vote in Parliament on the final agreement on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union, which did not take place in December, will be held in the week beginning January 14.

Theresa May called the date of the new vote on

According to May, the parliamentarians will return to the discussion of the agreement in the week starting from January 7, and next week the vote will be held. The British Prime Minister announced this, speaking in the House of Commons.

Earlier voting on the document was scheduled for December 11, but in the end may said that the agreement in its current form will not support the majority of deputies, and postponed the vote.

At the same time, May stressed that she continues to oppose the re-referendum on “Brexit”.

As the Prime Minister noted, the new popular vote will only ” further divide our country at a time when we have to work for its unification.”

Earlier, Labour threatened May with a vote of no confidence in the event that it does not appoint a date for the vote as soon as possible.

Unprecedented pressure

On January 13, deputies from the Conservative party of the lower house of the British Parliament by a majority vote expressed confidence in Theresa May.
As the Financial Times reported yesterday, Cabinet members are putting unprecedented pressure on the Prime Minister, insisting that the “Brexit” plan should be put to a vote in the House of Commons as soon as possible.

Recently, May was attacked by opponents from all sides: eurosceptics and eurooptimists, supporters of the “soft Brexit” and supporters of the hard option of leaving the EU. Despite this, May insisted that the conditions set out in the draft are the best possible for Britain.

At the end of November, the leaders of the 27 countries remaining in the European Union after Britain approved the draft agreement on the terms of

Britain should officially leave the European Union in March 2019

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