There were riots in Jerusalem

The riots occurred on the Temple Mount on the day of mourning for the Jews – the Ninth Ava, the police were forced to intervene, as the Arabs began throwing stones at them, the police press service reports.

The ninth Ava is the day of mourning for the Jews when the First and Second Jerusalem Temples were destroyed. On this day, it is customary to keep a strict fast without food and water, water procedures, intimacy is also prohibited, and it is recommended to refrain from work.

“Today, at about 5.00, after morning prayers, several young people started throwing stones at the police on the Temple Mount Square, who stopped the incident,” the press service reports.

According to the office of the head of the Israeli government, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett “conducted an assessment of the situation with the participation of the Minister of Internal Security and the Inspector General of the Israeli Police regarding the events on the Temple Mount.” Bennett ruled that Jews can visit the Temple Mount while maintaining order on the spot.

In turn, the Palestinian agency WAFA reports that the Palestinian leadership condemns “the storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by settlers and blames the Israeli government for the escalation.” The Palestinian leadership “considers this a serious threat to security and stability, as well as a provocation of the feelings of the Palestinians,” the agency writes.

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