Theft of papers from the Capitol called a threat to national security

Acting US Attorney in Washington Mike Sherwin expressed concern for the United States’ national security in connection with the theft of documents from the Capitol.

“Sherwin said that electronics were stolen from the offices of US senators, which could potentially endanger national security,” Reuters reports.

According to Sherwin, materials were stolen, and the authorities should determine what exactly was done, minimize the consequences of what happened.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed into the US Capitol shortly after the rally where he was speaking. A woman died from a gunshot wound, and three other people died during the riots from non-violent causes. The Capitol suffered material damage. Unrest in a few hours delayed Congress’s approval of the victory of Joe Biden for the presidential election. Against this background, Democratic leaders in the Senate called for Trump’s impeachment or his removal under the amendment to the constitution on the incapacity of the president.

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