The WTO arbitration took Russia’s side in the dispute with the EU

The arbitration panel of the world trade organization (WTO) recognized the central claims of Russia to the European Union on the methodology for determining the price of goods and on anti-dumping measures, according to the final report of the arbitrators in the dispute initiated by Moscow in May 2015.

According to an expert familiar with the case, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the arbitration group “supported Russia’s complaint that the European Union’s “methodology for determining prices” in anti-dumping investigations constitutes a violation of WTO rules,” Free News reports.

Thus, the arbitration group found that the methodology used by the European side systematically led to the fact that the price of energy in the final cost of Russian products was “artificially and abnormally” lowered, which also contradicts the rules of the organization, the expert said.

There was also support for the Russian side’s position that the EU’s disagreement with the price of its products declared by Russian manufacturers of welded pipes does not comply with these WTO rules.

However, the arbitration did not agree with Russia’s view that the main anti-dumping rules of the EU, as such, concerning the determination of the “normal price” of goods, do not comply with the WTO agreements.

The Ministry of economic development, in turn, reported that the WTO arbitration group supported Russia in a dispute with the EU over “energy adjustments” and recommended that the EU bring its measures in line with the organization’s rules.

It is noted that the Russian Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov welcomed the conclusions of the WTO body. “The arbitration group has satisfied Russia’s key requirements. We hope that the EU will implement this decision in good faith and promptly. This will significantly improve the conditions for access of Russian goods to the EU market, eliminating the “historical” discrimination of Russian manufacturers in the course of anti-dumping investigations of the EU,” the head of the Department said.

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