The wreckage of the Boeing 737 that crashed in Indonesia has been found

The Indonesian Air Force has prepared two helicopters and an aircraft to help conduct a search and rescue operation at the site of the wreckage of the crashed Boeing 737 passenger plane, Antara news agency reported, citing an Air Force spokesman.

This order was given by the head of the National Defense Forces of the country.

As specified by the agency with reference to the Search and Rescue Department of Indonesia, the operation is complicated by poor visibility.

“Our employees are at the scene; they found some wreckage of the plane. The obstacle that we face today is poor visibility because it is night,” said the deputy head of one of the units.

Despite the difficulties, the search work continues.

In the afternoon, it became known that the Indonesian airline Sriwijaya Airplane, which took off from Jakarta, fell into the water near the island of Lucky.

According to the specialized portal Airlive, there were 62 people on board. Among them -46 adults, seven children, three infants, two pilots, and four flight attendants. According to other sources, there could be 65 people on board.

Boeing  reported that they are aware of the crash, the manufacturer of the aircraft is “closely monitoring the situation” and ” trying to gather more information.”

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