The world’s whitest paint will help stop global warming

The new paint reflects 98% of sunlight and also radiates infrared heat into space, reducing the need for air conditioning.

The whitest paint academic researchers have ever produced to improve the cooling of buildings and overcome the climate crisis. Representatives of Purdue University (USA) have invented a new formula for white paint. The substance they created reflects 98.1% of the incident light, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces reports. It is important that the paint stays cool even in direct sunlight. The scientists noted that it will be possible to cover buildings with it: it will help fight global warming and reduce our dependence on air conditioners (they themselves are harmful to the environment).

The researchers said the paint could hit the market in a year or two.

According to mechanical engineers, if you whitewash the 92.9 square meters of the roof with the new composition, you will be able to achieve a cooling capacity of 10 kilowatts. During field tests, the team found that the painted surface stays cooler than the ambient temperature by at least 4.5°C.

To develop the white paint, the scientists decided to use a new formula based on barium sulfate. It occurs naturally in the form of mineral barite and is used as a white paint pigment. To develop a new paint, researchers looked for highly reflective white materials. Their previous paint was made from particles of calcium carbonate – a chemical compound found in chalk, limestone, and marble – suspended in an acrylic paint medium. It turned out that the sulfate base can make the paint coating as reflective as possible, that is, the resulting paint is the whitest of all that exists in the world.

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