The world’s largest all-electric plane made its first flight

The world’s largest hydroelectric plane made its first flight. The device, developed by MagniX, has been tested in the state of Washington.

The electric airplane tested by the company is based on the Cessna Grand Caravan 208 piston seaplane. Re-equipment of the device was carried out by order of the Canadian airline Harbor Air. In 2018, the airline, which is based in Vancouver and specializes in short flights in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, agreed with MagniX to re-equip its aircraft with Magni500 engines.

The Magni500 engine in cruising mode is able to develop a shaft speed of up to 1.9 thousand per minute. Its capacity will be 560 kW/750 liters. with.

The test flight lasted about 30 minutes – an electric plane flew several circles over Lake Moses in Washington State. The company said that the device is moving “almost silently”.

The company’s developers expect that by 2021, the electric plane will receive permission to operate scheduled flights from the United States Civil Aviation Administration (FAA). Then the device will be able to make the first flight with passengers on board.

Author: John Kessler
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