The world’s first mobile DNA analyzer is created

Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) have developed the world’s first genome sequence analyzer for mobile: a new iPhone application called iGenomics.

Researchers have paired the iPhone with a portable DNA sequencer, so users can create a mobile genetic laboratory that resembles the “tricorder” from Star Wars.

The iGenomics app runs on iOS, reducing the need for laptops or bulky equipment previously used in the field. This is convenient for pandemic and environmental workers.

The iPhone app was developed to complement DNA sequencing devices: Oxford Nanopore makes them. Scientists usually carry several suitcases with laptops, servers, and others with them so that they can carry out such analysis anywhere. iGenomics allows you to explore the genome in a more compact and convenient format.

Today, we all carry professional cameras in our pockets, so it’s not hard to imagine that in the next couple of years, we will all have our own DNA sequencers on our smartphones as well.

Michael Schatz, CSHL professor

The research team hopes that their development will be used by both researchers in the field and scientists in the laboratory.

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