The world was predicted a new pandemic

Millions of people are losing access to healthy food, which risks exacerbating the problem of obesity around the world and could cause a new global pandemic, reports Bloomberg.

The UN forecasts that more than 130 million people will face hunger by the end of this year, but in developed countries, obesity is a much more serious threat.

During the coronavirus pandemic, people around the world lost their income, which is why they are forced to save on food by choosing harmful products, in particular fast food.

Already, the number of overweight people is many times higher than the number of hungry people, especially in developed countries.

Two-thirds of Britons are currently overweight or obese. As a result, one in seven deaths in the country is caused by an unhealthy diet, which constantly increases the cost of medicine. It is clarified that people who are overweight are more likely to have diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

Currently, according to UN estimates, three billion people around the world can not afford a healthy diet, which creates the prerequisites for the appearance of excess weight. This, in turn, is akin to a new pandemic.

If no action is taken, overweight, and the resulting health problems will cause global health spending to grow by $ 1.3 trillion a year over the next decade.

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