The Witcher second season will have a new mysterious killer

Redanian Intelligence has unveiled an audition snippet for a new character in The Witcher. Actor Edward Rowe is auditioning for the role of a character under the codename D. The codename is needed so as not to reveal ahead of time the list of characters in the second season of the series. However, based on this codename, it can be assumed that at least four new characters will appear in the new season, there should still be A, B, and C.

In the video, Rowe chastises a sentry who fell asleep on duty on the night shift after taking part in the battle for the first time. Asked by the sentry whether it is easy to kill, Rowe’s character compares mastering the craft of a murderer with mastering the craft of a plowman – at first it’s hard, and then you get used to this boring and monotonous job.

There are speculations that this could be casting for the role of either the sorcerer Riens or the mercenary Leo Bonart. Both were hired to find Ciri.