The Witcher season 2 returns a character no one expected to see

The Redanian Intelligence website reports that the second season of The Witcher will feature a very unexpected character from the first season. This is prostitute Danica, played by British actress Imogen Daines, whom Geralt meets at the beginning of the third episode of the first season. And in bed, she examines the scars of a monster hunter.

The site calls this return unexpected and surprising because no one expected the appearance of the heroine, who was on the screen for only a minute for the entire season. Also, it’s unclear how Danica will fit into the new season’s storylines. Several years passed between the events of the seasons. Therefore, either Danica will appear in flashbacks about the times when Geralt was her most devoted client, or the aged Danica can grow in the sex industry to the position of “madam”.

Earlier, Redanian Intelligence reported that six young actresses (Emily Birt, Chloe Dole, Sandy Emon-Schwartz, Clara Parr, Maria Raduga, and Tash Sudin) will join the crew in the new season, who will supposedly play prostitutes. In this case, the character Imogen Daines can lead this team.

Although the Redanian Intelligence website provides unofficial information about The Witcher, their publications are often later confirmed.

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