The Wisconsin Supreme Court did not accept Trump’s claim of election violations

The Supreme Court of Wisconsin refused to accept the claim of the team of US President Donald Trump to cancel more than 221 thousand ballots, according to the ruling.

Earlier, the Governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, certified the recount and confirmed the victory of Joe Biden. The margin was about 20 thousand votes.

Trump’s staff insisted that the proceedings be handled directly by the Supreme Court, bypassing the intermediate stages, since a meeting of the Electoral College is scheduled for December 14, which should name the new President of the country. However, in its refusal, the sun said that Trump’s claim should first be considered in a lower court.

Earlier it was reported that the lawsuit cited evidence of violations of the law, such as fraud with envelopes for sending absentee ballots, accounting for ballots issued with violations, and conducting “illegal election events.”

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