The winners of the “Ig Nobel Prize” are named

The “Ig Nobel Prize” was awarded to American scientists who proved that a beard in men could protect against blows to the face.

The next 31st award ceremony (also known as the Anti-Nobel Prize) was held in an online format; the winners were scientists from 24 countries, the organizers said.

The prize is awarded for research that “first makes you laugh, and then makes you think.” Although many of the works noted by the jury seem at first glance meaningless or absurd, many of them still claim to be of scientific value.

An experiment that revealed the “protective functions” of the beard when hitting the face was awarded the “peace prize.”

In medicine, researchers were awarded who proved that orgasm is as effective in relieving nasal congestion as decongestants.

In economics, the winners were European scientists who proved that the degree of obesity of politicians correlates with the level of corruption in the country.
The chemistry Prize was awarded to a group of specialists from Germany, Britain, Greece, and Australia who studied the chemical composition of the air in cinemas to find out whether there is a connection between the smells that the audience emits and scenes of violence, anti-social behavior, and drug use shown in films.

In the field of ecology, scientists from Spain and Iran were singled out for the use of genetic analysis in the study of bacterial species found in discarded chewing gum on the sidewalks of different countries.

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