The WHO has recognized a more rapid spread of a new strain of coronavirus

A new strain of coronavirus detected in the UK is spreading faster than the usual variant, Maria van Kerkhove, an expert at the World Health Organization, said at a briefing.

“We rely on the reproductive number, which increased from 1.1 to 1.5,” she said, citing data from simulations conducted by British doctors.

However, the available information indicates that the virus spreads in the same way as its “predecessor.” Accordingly, measures to combat it will remain the same. The expert stressed that more hard work is needed to break the transmission chain. As Kerkhove added, this is complicated because the conventional version of COVID-19 continues to circulate in parallel.

She also said that no data is confirming a higher risk of the new strain so far.

In mid-December, it became known about the discovery of a new coronavirus mutation in the UK. The Ministry of Health of South Africa also reported earlier that geneticists had identified a new coronavirus mutation for the country, called 501. V2. The “British strain” has already been found in 41 countries.

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