The WHO believes that the coronavirus remains on the packaging of frozen food

The risk to consumers is estimated as minimal, but “in rare cases, food can be infected during their production.”

The coronavirus can remain on frozen food packages even during long-term transportation. This was reported on Friday by USA Today News with reference to the draft new recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Recent studies and reports emphasize that the virus can survive for a long time in conditions of freezing and cold storage and that the transmission of the virus can pass from packaging to person,” the publication quotes the document. The recommendations state that the risk to consumers is assessed as minimal, but “in rare cases, food may be infected during production, and the virus may remain in food during international transport.”

The Wall Street Journal notes that after receiving the draft version of the document, WHO representatives notified the publication that the version of the recommendations was sent accidentally and needed to be finalized.

In November, the Chinese government ordered national customs authorities to ensure strict control and “comprehensive disinfection” of imported frozen food products connected with the increased cases of importation from abroad of goods with coronavirus on the packaging. The administrative authorities of the regions are responsible for the quality of the audit. All disinfection work should be carefully recorded, after which reports will be stored for two years to identify “weak links” in the event of local outbreaks.

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