The White House will be thoroughly disinfected immediately after Trump’s departure

The White House in Washington will be thoroughly disinfected as soon as President Donald Trump leaves it. Before presidential candidate Joe Biden moves in, Politico reported on Thursday, citing a representative of the US General Services Administration.

Previously, it was repeatedly reported that White House employees were infected with the coronavirus. They were ill Trump himself and some members of his family.

Processing all surfaces that could have been touched by hands will take place within a few hours after Trump’s departure. All furniture, handrails, door handles, and switches will be disinfected. Also, air treatment will be carried out. Biden is expected to enter the building on the same day.

Trump is known for violating recommendations on social distancing and wearing masks at White House events. Trump himself rarely appeared in public in a mask. Rallies in his support were dubbed “super distributors” of the coronavirus, although, in words, he called for following the recommendations of doctors.

On the contrary, in the Biden camp, they emphatically followed all the instructions, for which Trump ridiculed the opponent, at whose events there were very few people placed or seated at a great distance from each other.

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