The White House unexpectedly interrupted the broadcast of Biden’s briefing

The White House unexpectedly interrupted the broadcast from the briefing of U.S. President Joe Biden after he began to question one of the officials.

Biden on Monday held a briefing with representatives of the federal government and officials of the state of Idaho. The meeting was dedicated to the ongoing wildfires that affect several states in the west of the country. The briefing was broadcast online.

According to the Fox News channel, when Biden began to ask a question to the representative of the National Forestry Association, George Geissler, the broadcast was suddenly interrupted. The White House has not yet commented on this incident.

“This is not the first time that the White House intervenes to prevent Biden from being heard by a wide audience,” the TV channel reports.

At the end of August, Fox News reported that the White House staff turned off the microphone of U.S. President Joe Biden during a press conference after a journalist asked about the evacuation of Americans from Afghanistan, to which he responded with sarcasm after turning off the sound. The TV channel stressed that at that time, it was unknown whether the employees accidentally turned off the president’s microphone at that moment, or it happened intentionally so that “the audience would not hear unprepared answers.”

After the incident with the microphone disconnection, the president and his administration were criticized. In particular, some Republicans accused the White House of trying to protect the head of state in this way. As the TV channel notes, some stressed that Biden usually has a list of journalists who are supposed to ask questions, and allegedly answers can be prepared in advance.

Many people began to worry that the president might not be serious about the evacuation of Americans from Afghanistan.

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