The White House said that Trump will not sign the defense budget in its current form

The White House said that US President Donald Trump would be recommended to veto the 2021 defense budget if there remain provisions for renaming military bases named after the confederates, as well as restrictions on the use of funds in Afghanistan, according to a statement on the White House website.

“Draft budget contains some provisions that raise serious concerns. Among other important provisions, the administration strongly objects to section 2829, which requires the renaming of certain military installations. If (the draft budget) is presented to the President in its current form, his leading advisers will recommend that it be vetoed,” the document says.

This is a draft budget prepared by the house armed services committee. The Senate proposed the second draft. Usually, projects are discussed first in the chambers; then, they are brought together by a conciliation Commission of representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties. This document is passed to the President for signature.

Along with renaming military bases there, “highly prescriptive restrictions on the use of funds for Afghanistan” are mentioned, which, among other things, restrict the President’s right to reduce the American military contingent there.

Also, the administration objects to the provision that concerns the reduction of the military presence in Germany.

“This section will prohibit the closure of any base or facility under the European consolidating initiative until the Minister of defense confirms that there is no longer a need for a rotating presence of troops in the European direction. The restriction on reducing the number of active military personnel also contradicts the powers of the President as commander-in-chief,” the document says.

The White House also expressed disagreement with the demands of parliamentarians to assess the feasibility of using low-enriched uranium in ship-based nuclear reactors, complicating the procedure for purchasing atomic weapons by the Pentagon and producing plutonium cores for nuclear weapons.

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