The White House pulled back from the forecast that allows for 3 thousand deaths from coronavirus a day

The forecast, compiled by the Federal emergency management Agency, was published by the New York Times.

The White House distanced itself from the gloomy forecast published on Monday by the New York Times, which suggests that by the beginning of June, about 3,000 people a day will die from the coronavirus.

The forecast, based on models compiled by the Federal emergency management Agency, suggests that the number of fatalities will almost double from the current level of about 1,750 people per day.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere said the data does not reflect the models that the President’s team is analyzing.

“This is not a White House document, it was not sent to the working group on coronavirus and did not pass an interagency review,” he said.” This data does not reflect any of the models that the working group is developing or the information that it is analyzing.”

“The President’s step-by-step recommendations for opening up America are a science-based approach that the Federal government’s leading experts in health and infectious diseases have agreed to,” Deere added.

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