The White House is preparing to welcome the official Christmas tree

The supplier of the Christmas tree for the presidential residence was determined by the results of the competition.

President Donald Trump and his family begin preparations for Christmas and the New Year. On Monday, first lady Melania trump will host the official White House Christmas tree.
The tree is more than 5 meters tall, belonging to the species “Douglas fir,” was grown on the farm Mahantongo Valley in the village of Pitman, Pennsylvania. Farm owner Larry Snyder was honored to put the tree in the White House after winning the annual competition held by the National Christmas Tree Association.

“I am immensely happy to be tasked with delivering a Christmas tree to the White House,” said Snyder, who has been growing Christmas trees for more than 30 years. “This is the President’s house. It is a great honor for me to present this tree to the public.”

The tree, which is 16 years old, will be delivered to the White House on a horse-drawn cart. It will be installed in the Blue Hall of the presidential residence and will be the main element of the festive decorations of the White House.

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