The White House is exploring the possibility of incentive payments for returning Americans to work

Councilor Kudlow said that the increase in unemployment benefits had negative consequences.
Larry Kudlow, Director of the National Economic Council, said that the Trump administration is considering cash payments to encourage unemployed Americans to return to their previous jobs or to find a new one.
“This is something that we are studying very carefully,” he said in an interview.
Kudlow said the $ 600 increase in weekly unemployment benefits that took effect in March discouraged people from returning to work.
He did not specify what the bonus amount might be for the unemployed.
Kudlow expressed optimism about the state of the American economy, despite rising unemployment.
“The existing signs show glimmers of hope and growth, and these signs themselves are becoming more numerous,” he said.
Kudlow’s statement came as Republicans began to outline an alternative to the $ 3 trillion coronavirus relief bill passed by Democrats in the House of Representatives.