The White House is discussing the question of the dissolution of the working group on coronavirus

President Trump announced that it would be replaced by Advisory groups that will deal with security issues and restart the economy.

The White House plans to wind down the coronavirus working group in the coming weeks as attention shifts to restarting the economy.

President Donald Trump announced that the working group would be replaced by “other form” Advisory groups.

“This form is security and restart,” Trump told reporters during a visit to Arizona. “We will probably create another group.”

Work to ease the ongoing coronavirus epidemic will eventually shift to agencies such as the Federal emergency management Agency, Vice President Mike Pence said.

“We are discussing when it would be appropriate for the working group to complete its work,” Pence told reporters at a briefing. – We have already started discussing the transition plan with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.”

However, he called the discussions on the dissolution of the working group “preliminary.”

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