The White House has proposed a canceled second round of the Trump-Biden debate

According to the President’s doctor’s conclusion, trump no longer poses a danger to others in terms of the spread of the COVID and, therefore, can participate in the debate.

The US administration has proposed to the Commission on presidential debates to change the decision to cancel the second round of televised debates between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joseph Biden. White House Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern told reporters on Sunday, including CNN.

The representative of the White House argued the proposal with the conclusion of the President’s attending physician, Sean Conley, that the head of state no longer poses a danger to others in terms of the spread of the coronavirus. “The President is ready for a debate, doctors have declared him fit to participate in public events. They concluded that it no longer poses a threat in terms of transmission of the coronavirus, so it will be great if the Commission puts the debate back on the schedule,” the White House Deputy Press Secretary said.

The independent commission on Friday’s presidential debates decided to cancel the TV debates of candidates for the post of head of state scheduled for October 15 due to disagreements about the format. The Commission intended to hold a second round of debates in a remote format connected with the detection of coronavirus in the American leader. The head of the White House said that he does not plan to participate in them in this case. Morgenstern confirmed the immutability of this statement of the question. Biden said that instead of participating in the debate on October 15, he would answer voters’ questions.

The first round of the Trump – Biden debate took place on September 29 in Cleveland, Ohio. The second was previously scheduled for October 15 in Miami, Florida, and the third planned for October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.