The White House defends the decision not to publish the country’s opening plan

The administration believes that too specific recommendations would not suit all States.

The administration of President Donald Trump is defending the decision not to submit a detailed plan for opening the country after the coronavirus, saying such recommendations would be too narrow for all 50 States.

According to the Associated Press, the administration did not release a report prepared by experts with detailed recommendations on when and how local authorities should reopen companies and open public places.

“Publishing instructions that are too specific and not approved by the CDC on how to open different types of companies would be too prescriptive and broad for the diverse situations that States across the country are experiencing,” the White House said in an email.

The statement notes that trump gave more General recommendations for opening the country on April 16. According to the White House, after the 17-page report was leaked, the coronavirus task force asked for amendments so that the recommendations “work across America, whether it’s rural or urban”.

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