The White House condemned the attempt to revise the historical heritage of the American capital

A working group created by Mayor Muriel Bowser published recommendations on renaming buildings and public spaces, as well as on demolishing monuments to historical figures involved in systemic racism and harassment of African Americans.

The administration of Donald Trump has sharply criticized the report of the Working group on structures and monuments in the district of Columbia, published by Washington mayor Muriel Bowser. According to the recommendations of the working group, monuments to George Washington, Christopher Columbus, and Andrew Jackson, as well as the Jefferson memorial, can be dismantled in Washington, the White House Press Secretary said in a statement.

By publishing “ludicrous recommendations,” the radically liberal mayor of Washington, D.C., repeats the same story… that was used to incite dangerous riots aimed at destroying our history and our great heritage,” the statement said.

“The capital of our country is rightfully filled with countless monuments, memorials, and statues in honor of the men and women who built this country. President Donald Trump believes that these places should be preserved, not demolished; respected, not hated; and passed down from generation to generation,” the White House said.

“The mayor’s irresponsible recommendations will lead to nothing while President Trump is in the White House,” the press office said in a statement. The administration stressed that the mayor of the capital-a city owned by the American people -“should be ashamed that she even offers these ideas for consideration.”

In July 2020, Washington mayor Muriel Bowser created a working group charged with examining the historical heritage of the district of Columbia-monuments, public places, buildings, schools named after historical figures – to determine whether these people participated in the harassment of African Americans and other ethnic minorities, or “contributed to the creation of systemic racism in the United States.”

The report of the working group on structures and monuments in the District of Columbia was published on September 1 on the website of the District of Columbia administration.