The Walking Dead actor explains why Rick Grimes is a villain

Soon, The Walking Dead, interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, will return to the screens, while Jason Warner Smith, who played the antagonist Gavin, explained why he considers Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who has always been a fan favorite, no less a villain than the same Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

According to the plot of the show “Saviors” led by Negan in the seventh and eighth seasons fought with the survivors, led by Rick, and Grimes eventually had to capture the hero Morgan in order to force the “Saviors” to surrender and avoid casualties. In an interview, Smith noted that when asked what it is like to play a villain, he always replies that if you have to discuss antagonists, then you should not forget about Rick.

We were villains by necessity because everyone in such a world is villainous by necessity, he said.

By the way, this position is shared by Morgan. Back in 2018, the actor stated:

I think at this stage in history, everyone who managed to survive in the conditions of the apocalypse has done a lot of terrible things.

He also added that if the audience watched Negan for many years, they would be on his side, and then it was Rick who would seem “terrible” to them.

Grimes is set to return to the universe of The Walking Dead in an as-yet-untitled feature film. It is currently being developed by AMC and Universal Pictures. And new episodes of the tenth season of the show will be released on October 4.