The video for the song Last Christmas was re-released after 35 years

The song Last Christmas performed by the Duo Wham! first published in December 1984. 35 years later, Sony Music Entertainment has published on YouTube a re-release of the video for the popular Christmas song, but as 4K.

The new video appeared on video hosting on December 13, 2019. In three days, it has collected almost 2.4 million views and more than 100 thousand likes.

The audience of the new clip noted that its quality was so good that in some moments it is not even believed that it is a remastering. It seems as if the video was shot now, and modern actors who reincarnated in images from the 80’s performed the roles of its participants.

The original music video for Last Christmas was released on YouTube in late October 2009. Nearly 480 million users have viewed it in more than 10 years. The video has collected 1.9 million likes.

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