The vessel for laying pipes “Nord stream-2” turned back

The pipe-laying vessel Fortuna, which can be used to complete the “Nord stream-2,” turned around in the opposite direction after leaving the port of Wismar, according to data from the MarineTraffic vessel positioning system.

Earlier in the day, the Fortuna left the port of Wismar and headed northeast towards Rostock. However, at that moment, the ship turned in the opposite direction.

Nord Stream 2 AG, the “Nord stream-2” project operator, is considering two options for laying the pipeline. One of the ideas is to use a vessel with anchor positioning, such as the Fortuna. Another option is to use Akademik Chersky with a dynamic positioning system. This vessel left the port of Kaliningrad on Thursday, and earlier on Saturday, stopped about 150 kilometers from the port of Mukran-the logistics base of the project.

German authorities permitted Fortuna to work on December 5-31 in the southern part of the Baltic Sea.

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