The Venezuelan government announced the achievement of agreement with part of the opposition

In particular, the parties have already agreed to convene a new CEC and release prisoners.

The Venezuelan government and several members of the opposition have agreed to establish the National Council for dialogue for peace, a permanent body in which political opponents will negotiate on a wide range of issues. The Minister of communications and information of the Bolivarian Republic of Jorge Rodriguez announced it on Monday.

“We are creating a Council for dialogue between the government and actors who want to find a solution,” he said. Rodriguez’s performance was broadcast live by Venezolana de Television.

The Minister noted that the parties have agreed to convene a new electoral Commission, the release of prisoners and the re-involvement of the Pro-government United socialist party of Venezuela in the National Assembly, a unicameral Parliament, which is controlled by political opponents of the current Executive. On the opposition side, the document was signed by Claudio Fermin of the party “Solutions for Venezuela,” Timoteo Sambrano (“Change”) and Luis Romero (“Progressive vanguard

Author: Flyn Braun
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