The USA restore sanctions against the facility in Fordo

Secretary of state Michael Pompeo also noted that the US is “closely monitoring the ongoing protests in Iran” and is “deeply concerned about reports of several deaths.”

WASHINGTON -The United States is reinstating its unilateral sanctions on Iran’s Fordo uranium enrichment facility from December 15. US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo stated, speaking at a briefing for journalists at the State Department.

“President Rouhani recently announced that Iran will begin uranium enrichment at the Fordo plant. Therefore, the United States is lifting the sanctions exemption on the Fordo nuclear facility from December 15, 2019. Iran must immediately scale back its activities in this direction. Iran’s Supreme leader is returning to his tried and tested method of using nuclear weapons to force the international community to accept the regime’s destabilizing activities. The United States completely rejects this approach and calls on all countries to do the same.”

Pompeo said the US is “closely monitoring the ongoing protests in Iran” and is “deeply concerned by reports of several deaths.” He called “the only viable way forward comprehensive negotiations that fully address the full range of threats from Iran.” Tehran’s latest actions, according to the Secretary of state, “only deepen its political and economic international isolation.”

Iran began supplying gas to centrifuges at the Fordo facility in early November as part of the fourth step in scaling back its voluntary commitments to the nuclear deal. Later, representatives of the Iranian authorities announced the ability to reach uranium enrichment at Fordo to the level of 20%. They added that there are no more plans to establish an international research center at the site.

The 2015 Iranian nuclear deal involves repurposing Fordo from a uranium enrichment facility to a research center. Later, as part of the deal, Russia and Iran began cooperation to establish a center in Fordo for the production of stable isotopes that are used for scientific purposes.

Author: Flyn Braun
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