The US will try to prevent the transformation of the “Nord stream-2” into a geopolitical weapon

The State Department acknowledged that it is unlikely to stop the project, noting that the United States will make efforts to prevent its negative consequences.

The United States has promised to make every effort to prevent the Russian – built “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline from becoming a geopolitical weapon.

“Our goal continues to be to make sure, to do everything possible-yes, through sanctions, but also through diplomacy and contacts with our closest ally Germany, with Ukraine, with other countries in the region that are affected – that this pipeline is not used as a geopolitical weapon,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

Price called the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, laid on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, a “Russian geopolitical project” that threatens the energy security of Europe and undermines the security of Ukraine, as well as NATO allies and partners on the eastern flank.

“Our goal remains to prevent Russia from using energy sources as a tool to coerce Ukraine or anyone else in the region,” Price said.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken told members of Congress this week that it would be difficult to prevent the construction of the pipeline, which is more than 90 percent complete.

Price acknowledged this but noted that efforts to prevent negative consequences of the project are continuing.

“Our goal remains the same – to prevent Russia from using energy as a geopolitical tool against Ukraine or any other country in the region,” Price explained. “And many representatives of both parties agree with this.”

Asked how this could be achieved, the spokesman said: “Sanctions are one of the tools, but not the only one. Diplomacy is another important tool. It involves diplomatic work with our close allies, including Germany in this case.” According to Price, this was and remains a topic of coordinated discussion and diplomatic work, “including in the coming days, when the president and the Secretary of State will be in Europe.”

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