The US will stop supplying defense products to Hong Kong

The United States will stop supplying defense products and dual-use equipment to Hong Kong from Monday, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said.

“Today, the United States is stopping the export of American-made defense products that are under the control of the state Department, as well as (the export of) secret dual-use technologies that are under the control of the Department of Commerce to Hong Kong,” he wrote on Twitter.

The text of his statement on this issue, distributed by the state Department, specifies that the same restrictions are imposed on the supply of such technologies to Hong Kong as they are imposed on China.

“The United States is forced to do this to protect the national security of the United States. We can no longer distinguish between exports of controlled goods to Hong Kong and mainland China. We cannot risk these goods falling into the hands of the people’s Liberation Army,” the statement said.

The reason for this decision was Beijing’s intention to adopt a law on Hong Kong’s national security, which, according to Washington, violates the rights and freedoms of autonomy.

“Given that Beijing is now approaching Hong Kong from the position of” One country, one system,” we are doing the same,” Pompeo said.

According to him, the US will take other measures to bring everything in line with “the realities on the ground in Hong Kong.”

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