The US will return to wearing masks indoors due to the spread of the delta strain

Since June, the pace of vaccination against coronavirus in the country has begun to slow down.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Tuesday will distribute recommendations prescribing the wearing of masks indoors, regardless of the vaccination status. This was reported by CNN.

Recommendations for wearing masks indoors for vaccinated people were canceled in May amid progress in the fight against the pandemic. However, since June, the pace of vaccination has begun to slow down. US President Joe Biden failed to achieve his goal of reaching the level of 70% of vaccinated people by the Independence Day of the United States on July 4. According to the CDC, the number of vaccinated with one dose on July 26 was 57%, fully vaccinated-about 49%.

The lowest percentage of vaccinated people remains in the southern and Mid-western states, where many residents remain Republican supporters and are conservative about vaccination. However, the delta strain, which is transmitted more easily than previous variants of the coronavirus, is also spreading in those parts of the country where the vaccination rate is high. In the first two weeks of July, the number of new cases increased by more than 50% in 38 states. More than half of all cases occur in the delta variant.

Despite the recommendations at the federal level and the permission not to wear masks for vaccinated people, aimed at stimulating the vaccination campaign, not everyone refused them. In recent months, their own recommendations have been distributed in office buildings and residential complexes, prescribing service personnel – security guards, cleaners, and engineers – to wear masks constantly, regardless of the vaccination status. Many New Yorkers continued to wear masks indoors, some on the streets.

Against this background, the process of returning to the offices is also slow. Although some companies have taken steps in this direction, as representatives of several office buildings in Manhattan told, in June and July the number of employees working in them increased from 2-3% at the height of the pandemic to 10-15% of the total number of employees who worked before. At the UN headquarters, a similar picture is observed – the corridors and offices are mostly empty, although the requirements for remote work were canceled in early July.

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