The US will leave the aircraft carrier Nimitz in the Middle East because of the “threats” of Iran

Acting Head of the Pentagon Christopher Miller said that he ordered to suspend the aircraft carrier’s planned relocation.

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of the US Navy Nimitz, which provided security for the withdrawal of US troops from Somalia, will remain in the Middle East amid threats to Washington from Tehran. This is stated in a statement issued by Acting Head of the Pentagon Christopher Miller.

“In connection with the recent threats that the Iranian leadership addressed to President [Donald] Trump and other representatives of the US government, I have ordered the suspension of the planned relocation of the aircraft carrier Nimitz. He will now remain on combat duty in the Central Command area of responsibility [which includes the Middle East],” Miller said.

“No one should doubt the determination of the United States of America,” he added.

On Thursday, Miller ordered Nimitz to return to base in the United States. Before that, the aircraft carrier was part of the US Navy group located off the coast of Somalia. Its task was to ensure the security of the withdrawal of US troops from the republic. The Pentagon is carrying out the withdrawal of almost all US troops from Somalia on US President Donald Trump’s orders.

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