The US will increase pressure on Maduro

The US will increase pressure on the Venezuelan authorities led by President Nicolas Maduro and intend to impose new sanctions, said US special representative for Venezuela Elliot Abrams.

“We imposed some sanctions last week, some this week. I do not doubt that this will continue, and there will be even more pressure, sanctions, and diplomatic activity that we are engaged in,” Abrams said at a briefing.

“We believe that the result will be the weakening of the regime and the restoration of democracy,” the special representative said. At the same time, he refused to say in advance which individuals and companies may be subject to new us sanctions.

He again answered in the negative when asked whether the US is ready to negotiate with Maduro. “The only issue we are willing to discuss with him is his departure,” Abrams said.
The United States imposed a set of sanctions against Venezuela, the most painful of which were the freezing of the country’s accounts in Europe and the blocking of assets and interests of the oil and gas PDVSA in the US jurisdiction for $ 7 billion, as well as a ban on transactions with them. According to the White House, another $ 11 billion should account for losses in oil supplies.