The US will hold the largest exercises in Europe since the “cold war”

The maneuvers are aimed at keeping Russia from acting in the spirit of the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Twenty thousand American troops in April-May next year will go to Europe, where there will be the largest military exercises on the continent with the participation of the United States since the cold war.

A senior NATO commander, noting that the US participation is designed to emphasize Washington’s commitment to the Alliance, announced this.

A few days after the NATO summit in London, at which US President Donald Trump condemned European allies with low defense spending, US major General Barre Seguin said that the exercise, which will focus on Germany, would be the largest of its kind in 25 years.

“They will demonstrate transatlantic unity and US commitment to NATO,” Seguin, who oversees allied operations from NATO’s military headquarters in Belgium, told.

To keep Russia from actions in the spirit of the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the US army will test its ability to ship soldiers across the Atlantic to Belgium and the Netherlands with subsequent expeditious redeployment to the East through Germany to Poland and the Eastern flank of NATO.

The soldiers will join us troops stationed on the continent and representatives of the armed forces of 18 NATO allies, after which they will return to the US. In total, about 37 thousand people will take part in the exercises.

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