The US will build a new section of fencing on the border with Mexico by the end of 2020

The cost of the works will be about $400 million.

WASHINGTON – The United States will erect to 30 December 30, 2020, a new section of fence on the border with Mexico in Arizona, the cost will be about $400 million. As published on the website of the Defense Ministry press release, the Pentagon has already identified a contractor. It would be from North Dakota.

“Fisher Sand and Gravel Co. receive a $399.962 million contract to build border infrastructure along the southern perimeter of the Cabeza Prieta preserve in Arizona. Completion of works is expected on December 30, 2020”, – it is noted in the text. No other details are given. According to the Washington Post, the length of the new section will be approximately 50 km.
The length of the US-Mexico border is 3.14 thousand km. Now, the construction of 122 km of fencing has been completed, which in most of the sections is made in the form of steel and reinforced concrete pillars hammered into the ground. The American authorities plan to build additional sections of the wall with a length of 724 km by the end of next year.

The Washington Post on November 2 reported that in recent months, attackers with the help of purchased in stores for $100 rechargeable saber saws were able to overcome the fence to get to the US territory. US President Donald Trump in an interview with reporters expressed his conviction that the sections of the fence are very strong and can be easily repaired even after they are intentionally damaged.

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