The US wants to sue Snowden fee for his book “Permanent Record”

The US Justice Department on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, accusing him of publishing his new book without obtaining the required approval of the authorities in such cases and violating a subscription of non-disclosure of state secrets.

The fact is that even former civil servants who had access to state secrets and gave a subscription to nondisclosure, according to American law, must send the manuscripts of their books for verification at work — in this case, the national security Agency of the United States.

As reported by the Associated Press, the work on the publication at Macmillan was conducted in an atmosphere of strict secrecy, and even in internal correspondence, the project was designated only by a code word.

As punishment, it is proposed to give all proceeds from the sale of the book in favor of the US government.

“Edward Snowden violated obligations to the United States that he assumed when he signed agreements as part of his work at the CIA and as an NSA employee,” assistant Attorney General Jody Hunt said in a statement.

In a press release, the US Justice Department noted that it does not seek to limit or prohibit the distribution of Snowden’s book, but requires that all proceeds from its sale funds were transferred to the US authorities.

“Classified information should serve to protect our country, not become the subject of personal gain, – stressed in the filing of the lawsuit, the Federal Prosecutor of the Eastern District of Virginia Zachary Terwilliger. — This lawsuit should ensure that Edward Snowden does not receive any financial reward for failing to live up to the trust placed in him.”

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