The US wanted to poison Assange

US intelligence agencies planned to poison or kidnap WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange writes The Guardian.

The details of the operation were revealed by a former employee of the private security company UC Global, with whom US intelligence discussed ways to get rid of the journalist. A man is a witness in the case of Assange’s extradition.

He said that in 2017, US intelligence agencies suggested that the head of UC Global, David Morales, apply “more drastic measures” against the WikiLeaks founder.

“It was proposed to leave the door of the Ecuadorian Embassy open so that you could go inside and kidnap or poison Assange,” he said in court.

The management of the security company instructed the employee to install new cameras in the diplomatic mission that could also record sound and conduct live broadcasts. As Morales explained, this was necessary “so that friends in the United States” could see and hear everything that happened at the Embassy in real-time.

These instructions alarmed the man. He told his superiors that it was technically impossible to pull this off, and Morales sent him detailed instructions in response.

“It is clear that a third party provided the document, and this party, as the witness believes, was US intelligence,” Assange’s lawyer Marc Summers said in court.

The former employee of the security company was granted anonymity so as not to endanger his life.

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